About Us

The Pacific Impact Investor Network (PIIN) was created to take a network approach to overcoming barriers faced by individuals, family offices, and foundations in Canada who seek to actively engage in impact investing. Impact investing refers to the act of making investments into companies, organizations and funds with the intent to create measurable social and environmental impact alongside financial returns. It offers new possibilities to tackle problems in both developed and developing country contexts and is an important tool to add to the toolkit of both investors and philanthropists. PIIN provides members with support through each stage of the impact investment process. Our members will be part of a collaborative network of like-minded individuals who will work together to increase capital investment in ventures creating positive social impact.

Our Team & Partners

Phil Swift

  • Co-Founder, Pacific Impact Investor Network
  • Co-Founder, Vice-chairman and Director, ARC Financial Corp
  • Participated on over 20 corporate and philanthropic boards, recipient of Pinnacle entrepreneurship and Warren Bennis leadership awards
  • Founding Donor and Advisory Board Member, UBC Sauder Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing
  • Faculty Advisory Board Member, UBC Sauder School of Business (2002-2012)

Amin Lalji

  • Co-Founder, Pacific Impact Investor Network
    CEO, Larco Group of Companies
  • Chairman, Aga Khan Foundation Canada National Committee
  • Founding Donor and Advisory Board Member, UBC Sauder Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing​


​The UBC Sauder Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing at the Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

The Centre for Social Innovation & Impact Investing (SauderS3i) is focused on leveraging business tools to advance social innovation and sustainability, through research, incubation, and application. SauderS3i defines social innovation as a new approach which fosters initiatives that contribute to solving existing social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental challenges. This encompasses concepts such as social enterprise, social finance, and strategic corporate social responsibility. What it does not involve is simply throwing money at a problem. Rather, Sauder S3i aims to build institutions designed to create value rather than dependency.

The core research themes at SauderS3i are building the low carbon economy, social innovation, and economic development with First Nations. Our goal is to build intellectual and human capacity by linking knowledge with action to further the field of sustainability and social innovation. We are just as passionate about student development and action oriented research, as we are about creating useful resources, plans and capacity for our partner communities and organizations.